5 Natural ways to increase your energy levels

Fighting drowsiness without the help of caffeine, taurine or any other doping drinks, can be a real challenge. Unhealthy energy boosts will keep you awake and receptive, but your health will eventually pay the price. Nature does things so well and has given us so many healthy alternatives to boost our energy levels. Whether you are feeling tired and no medical reason is behind this tiredness, or you have a deficiency of nutrients needed for energy production, such as vitamins B, C, and magnesium; these easy and natural tips will help you regain your energy and overcome your day naturally.

1. Take natural food supplements:

5 Natural ways to increase your energy levels

Vitamins’ main role is to activate a large number of metabolic functions that lead to the production of energy. Supplements such as ginseng, maitake or bee pollen will boost your energy level naturally. A well-supplied diet of vegetables, fruits, and cereals almost always meets the body’s needs for vitamins and minerals. Some fruits also provide sugars that are converted into energy quickly. For my part, I nurse a Chi_ _ throughout the day to keep myself energized. It contains selected active ingredients such as ginger, matcha, ginseng and natural caffeine, that keep me awake and invigorate me naturally. It is delicious and positively influences my body and spirit. Click HERE for more information about this natural boosts and other Fresh Natural Food Supplements.

2. Take a Power Nap

A power nap can be restorative and not interfere with your regular sleep patterns if you do it early enough in the afternoon.  The best way to feel good is to rest well.  Opt for a soft, slimmer pillow, for a more restful and revitalizing sleep. Get regular sleep and try to go to bed earlier for a more refreshed feeling.

3. Sip Some Matcha Tea:

The results of a scientific study indicate that tea consumption throughout the day improves alertness and performance. If coffee is your go-to solution for the afternoon slump, try swapping your coffee for Matcha Tea.  Matcha Tea is less likely to disrupt sleep and contains amino acids that can help you calm your anxious mind and improve your mood.  Drink green tea regularly. The natural caffeine in the tea will help you fight against fatigue and energy loss. I opted for 100 % organic Matcha Tea from the Japanese island of Kyushu. I often mix it into hot water, smoothies or fruit juice. This mix of stimulating caffeine and soothing amino acids make me feel wide awake but never jumpy.  HERE you will find more information about this 100 % organic Matcha Tea.

4. Soak a washcloth in icy water and place it over your face

Nothing will wake you up like ice-cold water on your face. The icy coolness of the washcloth will quickly rejuvenate your facial muscles and eyes. This tip keeps you awake and is a natural alternative to effectively tone and revitalize your skin. I soak my 100% organic cotton towel in icy water and place it over my face to stay awake. This 100% organic cotton towel comes as a gift from my fresh cosmetic provider. Their Cosmetics Care Sets are freshly packed in 100% organic cotton towel. This value-added packaging is recycling in its most ultimate and most sustainable form. Get more information about this unique concept HERE.

5. Wear bright colors

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Many studies have shown that colors can influence your emotions and your mood. Bright colors encourage activity, fill you with courage, and help fight against depression and sadness. Wearing bright and happy colors will naturally boost your mood and energy levels.

Your turn now!

What do you do to boost your energy levels naturally?

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