5 Myths About Feminism

Confession Of A New Age Feminist

I have been a feminist as far back as I can remember, even when I did not know that word existed. As a child, I never really understood why almost everyone in my community seemed to be obsessed with having boys and why all the men in my family had better opportunities and received better treatments than women. I never understood these inequalities and always hoped things would change. Feminism believes in the equality of all people, regardless of gender, race, or anything else. It respects women’s choices of being who they want to be and wearing what they want to wear (hijab or bikini). It stands for freedom of choice and equal opportunities for all. The feminist movement has been misrepresented and misinterpreted in many different ways, and many people do not understand its purpose. Here are five of the most popular myths about feminism.

Confession Of A New Age Feminist - 5 Myths About Feminism

1. You have to be a woman to be a feminist

The opinion that all feminists are women is inaccurate. Countless men in the public eye such as Matt McGorry, Forest Whitaker, and Matt Damon are proud feminists. In fact, male participation in feminism is strongly encouraged.

2. Feminists hate men

One of biggest misconceptions about feminism is that all feminists are lesbians and radicals who hate men. Feminism at its core is about equality of men and women. It is not about a gender being better than the other.

Confession Of A New Age Feminist - 5 Myths About Feminism

3. All feminists are career-oriented

The misconception that feminists look down upon stay-at-home moms or homemakers is absurd. Feminists embrace women’s lifestyle choices. They respect women who have built careers in the corporate world as much as those who have chosen to become homemakers.

4. Feminists do not believe in marriage

Feminism does not reject the constitution of marriage. However, women should not be pressured to get married. I am a feminist, and I gladly took my ex-husband’s name after we got married. I also enjoy being submissive sometimes as long as I am not forced or pressured.

 Confession Of A New Age Feminist - 5 Myths About Feminism

5. Feminists are offended by any gesture of gallantry

Not all feminists hate gallantry. I love when men open doors for me, I love chivalry and romantic gestures and I appreciate when a guy offers to pay for dinner or insists on driving me home. I respect that as much as I respect women who prefer to have things done differently.

Feminism has made the world a better place in many different ways, and although women are better off today, there is still a great deal of gender discrimination in Modern Society. Feminism is not about rejecting traditional gender roles. It is about giving women choices and making sure they understand that acting in a traditionally feminine manner is just A CHOICE!

Confession Of A New Age Feminist - 5 Myths About Feminism

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