Breaking stereotypes

A few months ago, a photographer, who was building his portfolio at the time, approached me for a shoot. I was not a model, I had never done anything like that before, but I gladly agreed to do it, thinking it would be a fun experience. I am very comfortable with my body so I naturally had no problem posing in a bikini or lingerie. The photo shoot was great, I had a lot of fun doing it, and I decided to share some of the photos on my social media. The response was overwhelming. I received thousands of indecent proposals from people and agencies, who assumed that a woman posing in provocative clothing, must probably be looking for sex, and/or would do anything for money. A stereotype that is still very dominant in our societies today.

I have been exposed to many different cultures and ethnicities, and I have had to deal with stereotypes my whole life. I am never what people expect me to be and I do not fit into any category. You can have tattoos and still be educated and sweet. You can be comfortable in your body and wear revealing clothing without being promiscuous. The truth is you just cannot judge a book by its cover.


5 Stereotypes about African women

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